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MicroMedia doesn't like to think in terms of Services - as that would imply that you're tied into a long-term contact. We know that, with the right skills/ training, anyone can take control of their media presence.

We offer time-bound or one-off solutions. Get what you need, then take charge yourself.

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If you're looking to make the next Hollywood blockbuster, then MicroMedia isn't for you. But if you're looking to make a video for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Video or even an internal meeting, or audio for SoundCloud, podcasting et al. - MicroMedia could be the very people you need.

Not only will we shoot, edit and render your video (or indeed audio production) but we'll talk you through the equipment and software we employ - so that you can start your own journey to making your own professional quality videos.

Already have some footage/audio and need to turn it into a finsihed product? Then MicroMedia can help. (NB. It may be necessary to obtain additional media files to make your product look its best.)

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Social Media Establishment

Want to get going fast? Then use MicroMedia to set up your social media platforms.

MicroMedia can establish the social media channels that you desire, format the pages, include your graphics ( if you don't have any, then let us make them for you) and generate your identity in the digital domain, so you can get down to the real business of generating the content that leads to that all important conversation with your audience.

Also think about adding Social Wallpaper, where MicroMedia can assist you in gaining a following and start the conversation for you - based on your image and wants.

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Social Wallpaper

Once you've got your social media channels up and running, your audiences will want to see something on them.

For a pre-arranged period, MicroMedia can generate suitable posts, based on your business goals, to run in the background while you are working. That way, when you post, you know that you don't appear to be popping up once in a blue moon, but are simply adding to your feeds.

Then, when you're ready, you can start running your own social wallpaper (consider taking the MicroMedia Social Media Scheduling Action Workshop).

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Social Media channels have been designed to be easy to establish - but it's all too easy to establish a channel that doesn't reflect your professionalism.

MicroMedia can create dedicated graphics and 3D animations that will enhance the image you portray.

Animations can be used for introductions to videos ( e.g. on YouTube/Facebook/Twitter Video etc) that define your identity and end your message with contact details or website links to add that professional edge.

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Logos with a difference. If you:

  • Need a logo
  • Have a logo, but want to make it look more professional
  • Had a logo made for you, but only came to you in set sizes, so when you enlarge it - it becomes pixalated

Then MicroMedia can help. We can supply you with a professional logo and all the source files (after all, it's your logo) so that you can change colours and sizes to your heart's content.

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