Media Planning and Consultancy

Engaging with the media requires planning and preparation. If the first time you make contact with the media is when the camera starts rolling, the microphone turns on or the reporter starts writing - only one thing that's guaranteed: It's going to go wrong.

It may not be a disaster, but the message you wanted to get out there will be lost and you've lost a valuable opportunity and you won't have established an ongoing relationship. The media will be off looking for their next story to fill their airtime or column inches.

How will you deal with a crisis? It's bad enough for your business and image, but how are you going to cope when the journalists appear at your door asking for a comment? Even if you don't intend to have a regular relationship with the media, you need to know how you will engage with them in a crisis so that you can protect your reputation and your business.

MicroMedia takes military experience and operational design to deliver expert media planning and crisis communications consultancy to civilian companies by doing the following:

  • Determine how to effectively engage with the media to promote your business and interests.
  • Establish long-term strategies to maintain media relations to cover your business throughout the year, rather than when the media turn up.
  • Plan for the unexpected and use the media to assist you during a crisis rather than it becoming a hindrance or barrier.

Prepare your business, by contacting MicroMedia now.

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