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About MicroMedia

The Philosophy

Why does MicroMedia say you ' own' the media?

It's basic supply and demand. They supply media products for you to consume. You stop consuming it... They have no business. It's your demand that lets them keep operating.

Once you understand MicroMedia's view on who 'owns' the media, then you'll be able to take command of how your are portrayed - and start getting the business effects you require.

Why pay to get your message in the media, when they need your story?

For the media to exist, they need stories to tell. Once you realise you have a story to tell and know how to tell it, then you'll realise that you own the media and can make it work for you and your interests.

Why wait for the media to pick up your story, when you can tell it yourself?

Who's going to convince your audience to be sat in front of the TV or listen to the radio when your adverts on? How do you know for certain that they watch/listen to that channel, at that time?

Go on demand.

Your audiences' demand. Identify your story and how to tell it and let your audience access it on their terms with the creative use of social media. Beware of anyone that claims to be a social media expert - there's no such thing (it moves too fast and there are too many channels). But there are people who are experts in audiences' needs and wants.

Advertising companies have got it wrong.

Their focus is spending your money to get you in the media. They focus on selling your story to the media at your expense. The fact they ignore is that you are the media. You're part of the audience. The media needs you to be part of their audience. The fact they hide is that the media needs your story. You shouldn't be spending money convincing the media to spread your message, they should be coming to you for it.

What's the key?

Find your story, learn how to tell it and tell it professionally. Any business, large or small, with the right guidance an support can learn to make the media work for them. MicroMedia aims tod enable its clients to take charge of the media, set their own agenda and realise that to get your message out there doesn't cost a lot of money - it a matter of investing your time in what you believe in.

Media with ethics.

MicroMedia doesn't believe in its clients having to invest hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on software and equipment. Most solutions can be developed from a simple PC, smartphone and digital camera. Software solutions suggested by MicroMedia are all either available online for free or Open Source - indeed its the very software that MicroMedia uses. MicroMedia aims to enable its clients to take charge of their media profile without the need to pay out to external companies. That's because MicroMedia doesn't sell services, it offers solutions ( use the link to find out the difference).

Faithful reportage of the truth.

The best stories are true stories. No spin, no exaggeration. The media are looking for 3 types of stories: Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Extraordinary people doing ordinary things. Extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. With MircoMedia's assistance, you'll see that at any given time, your people, your business fits at least one of those stories - so no need for spin or exaggeration.

NB.MicroMedia will not work with prospective clients looking for spin or exaggeration. MicroMedia deals in the truth.

About Jay Saunders

Founder of MicroMedia

Jay Saunders (click this link for his visual CV) spent 20 years in the Royal Navy as a commissioned officer. Not only was he listed as the most competent Media Operator in the UK military, but was an established and proven planner and trainer.

No stranger to challenges, he was:

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    • The Chief of Staff in Kono (Senior UK Military Officer), Sierra Leone. Taking the fight to the Ebola Viral Disease.
    • Executive Officer (Second in Command) of the Defence Media Operations Unit - deploying military media teams to:
      • Afghanistan
      • Mali
      • Senegal
      • Philippines (supporting the efforts following Hurricane Haiyan)
      • Nigeria
      • Kenya
    • Commanded the UK's at very high readiness Combat Camera Teams
    • Developed and delivered the UK Military's:
      • Crisis and Contingency Communications Course
      • Mobile News Teams Course
    • Responsible for the development and implementation of the UK Military’s Media and Communications Competence Framework
    • Training the military's senior officers in Command and Staff skills
    • Commanding the Royal Naval Centre of Recruiting

    With this experience behind him, he was determined to enable people to see the media in a new light - one where they realised that they can take charge of it to promote themselves, without being tied in long term to a company that charged them huge amounts of money to generate an effect they were capable of gaining themselves if they had been shown how.

    This mixture of military experience, planning and training expertise plus technical and media knowledge and experience led Jay to form MicroMedia. But not just form MicroMedia as a business, but as an ethical business - where the customer takes ownership, is not persuaded to be locked into a contract for years or led to purchase high cost software and hardware.

    MicroMedia's repeat business doesn't come from tying people in or only giving them half the product - it comes because they want to work with MicroMedia and because they know that they own what MicroMedia delivers.

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